The universe (which others call the Library) is composed of an indefinite, perhaps an infinite number of hexagonal galleries, with enormous ventilation shafts in the middle, encircled by very low railings. From any hexagon the upper or lower stories are visible, interminably. The distribution of the galleries is invariable.

The hexagonal consciousness movement is a worldwide community of geometers, artists, and philosophers dedicated to raising awareness of the illustrious HEXAGON, nature's perfect shape.

We view the hexagon as nothing less than the telos of the world made manifest — a transcendental expression of the very intelligibility of the cosmos, embedded into the fabric of reality for all to behold and understand.

The Global Hexagonal Awareness Project stands at the vanguard of the hexagonal movement, creating diverse, interdisciplinary hexagonal media across a variety of modalities. We seek to spread the good news of hexagonal consciousness to all sentient beings via social media outreach and innovative digital content.